Hand cream again? Yep mah dahling Clementine! Just how many hand moisturizers should a woman own? I don’t know about you but I see to it that I have one in every nook. This babe below is now a fixture in my work bag…

75ml 2.5 fl.oz, yvesrocherusa.com

Still part of my holiday haul, Arnica Essentiel Daily Moisturizing Hand Creme is marketed by Yves Rocher, a French company specializing in botanical-based skincare products. As of this writing, it is still sold for 50% off at $3.50 (online only).

Like I mentioned in my previous postings, I’m quite a germophobe and the constant washing and sanitizing render my hand awfully dry. And that’s precisely the reason why I stock up on various hand treatments. 

So what’s to heart about this product then? Price-wise, it’s dirt cheap baby! But when it comes to hydrating and moisturizing properties, it can rival some of the over-hyped department store brands out there. It is neither greasy nor waxy and the scent is similar to a baby lotion (very mild creamy fragrance). It has Arnica Chamissonis flower extract, used medicinally for centuries as fungicide and preservative. In modern days, it’s a common ingredient in liniment and ointment to relieve sprains, strains and bruises. A pea-sized squeeze is enough to leave my overworked hands uber moisturized.

Over-all, I’d rate this 4/5 Must- try. The only downside is again the limited retail distribution of Yves Rocher in the US. I have ordered this online and it took three weeks to arrive in Hawaii (mainland could be faster though).


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