So I was cleaning my files today when I saw these pictures snapped in various retail havens in Oahu. Now look closely and guess what the common denominator was… moi with the same black thong wedges! And if I’m not mistaken, these photos were taken between 2009- May 2011, barely a month before these overused wedges succumbed to coma. Wear-and-tear. Sigh.

Blame the age. I can shop the whole day wearing stilettos some years back…and we’re talking sky-high heels or clogs to compensate for my otherwise- cutesy height babe! Back then, I dress for (1) style (2) style (3) style. Comfort is in oblivion. Today, I dress for (1) comfort (2) substance. Poor killer- heels  hibernate where they don’t see a glimpse of daylight. Ever.

Living in the tropics where 70 degrees is considered cold, I have downscaled my clothes to those that allow my skin (and armpits) to breathe. Think halter, tank tops, shorts, and sundress. Slippahs (slippers) or flip-flops in mainland lingo are a staple in the islands but they don’t do justice to my height so wedges remain to be my BFF. Smart excuse to make me a ‘lil taller beside the 6-foot tall LeHub, eh? I am a sucker for big purses and they come in handy when I shop because I hate to walk around with those store bags (unless my haul is too big to fit inside). I accessorize with layered bangles, big earrings or statement necklace to glam up my uber laid-back outfit. Most of the time, I wear my own handmade pieces (a nice marketing tool for prospective customers) or locally-made accessories (koa wood, shells, sea glass, etc.) juxtaposed with metal ones for a rather modern look. 

Say Aloha to new shopping wedges. How long will they last?
The mystery remains.

(Most recent shopping photo 2/17/2012)

So how do you dress up as you move from Point Store A to Z?


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