You’ve probably read or heard this gazillion times ~ you have to deep clean your brushes at least once a month to prevent bacterial contamination. Moi is germophobe so I do it weekly using another DIY recipe (see post here).  And no matter how tired I am, the last chore I do before dozing off is to spot-clean my makeup brushes daily. As in. I used to buy these cleansers before until the frugal bug bit me.

The supplies are nothing carved in stone. The whole point is to sanitize so if you check your store-bought daily cleanser, you will see that the main ingredients are alcohol and aqua a.k.a H20 a.k.a water !

For this DIY, you will need the following:

1 spray bottle : from the photo above {black bottle}, I recycled e.l.f

Distilled water


(Optional) Witch Hazel or Rose Petal (Witch hazel is a good natural astringent; Rose petal is a gentle toner with moisturizing properties).


1. Fill half of the bottle with alcohol. Add a quarter of distilled water. Add a quarter of witch hazel or rose petal. Shake bottle.

2. Spray your brushes with this cleanser and wipe with terry cloth until the stain from the bristles disappear.

3. Lay flat on a clean towel or surface to dry.

That’s it. Happy cleaning babes!


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