I was first introduced to Yves Rocher  (a French skincare company specializing in botanical-based beauty products) in early 2000 during a trip to Paris. So imagine my excitement when I discovered a US-dedicated website with some products at 50% off, free products for every purchase, and free shipping at $30. 

Part of my haul was its Monoi de Tahiti Traditional Gardenia Oil (whew! such a long name to type!).

100ml 3.4 fl oz.

Let’s cut to the chase ~ I found my new multi-tasking ally at a drugstore price (I got it at half the cost, $7.50)! So what’s a Monoi oil anyways? it’s a Tahitian word meaning scented oil that is made from gardenia petals mixed with coconut oil.

I have used this beauty in multiple ways already and I like the results!

(1) As a hair treatment, I massage about 2 drops onto my scalp an hour before I wash my hair

(2) As a leave-in conditioner, I apply about a drop on damp hair. My hair is soft and free from tangles, ohmigosh!

(3) As a moisturizer, I use 3-4 drops and apply it all over my body after a warm shower

(4) As a massage oil for Mr. FabKath who didn’t find the smell annoying at all. Ha! he enjoyed my massage style ala– spa!

Over-all, this is 5/5 rating for me. In fact, I am back browsing Yves Rocher website to stock for more. The only downside is the shipping, it took my haul 3 weeks to arrive! Let me warn you that if you’re quite sensitive to strong floral scent, this might turn you off (the fragrance dissipates though after a few hours).


PS. See my hair in action as moisturized by this Monoi oil > In this hairstyle video, brushing my hair was easy. ( I used monoi oil as a hair treatment and leave-in conditioner a day before this video was filmed)

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2 thoughts on “Yves Rocher Monoi de Tahiti Oil: My New Multi-Tasking Ally

  • This looks like good stuff but I wish I could smell it before purchasing a product like this…

  • @Pixiemama5000 True. That was my concern too. I wish YR had good distribution. I checked and mostly I see this being sold outside their website at amazon or eBay at $30. My hub who's sensitive to scent said it was okay.When you open the cap and apply it, the scent is quite strong…

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