There’s no denying that online shopping is the most convenient way to buy stuff among time-deprived earthlings like moi.  For the most part, it saves me gas and effort, plus I can get amazing deals not offered elsewhere. 

However, before you go gaga over some web promotional teasers, here are some tips I have learned from my personal experience ~ the good and the bad ~

1. Make sure you have anti-virus software installed in your PC and update it whenever possible. Having your computer unprotected is akin to leaving your front door unlocked to potential thieves! 

2. When buying online, look for https:// (instead of the usual http://) and an icon of locked padlock. That means you are buying from a secure site. Don’t proceed when these are missing!

3. Open a Paypal account if you haven’t yet (it’s free!). It’s the most widely used form of payment across the globe. You can pay the retailer without revealing your financial or credit card information. In case you encounter problems with your purchase, you can always dispute the transaction and your money will be refunded.

4. Join e-bates and earn cash back while you shop (it’s free). Some online retailers offer up to 20% cash back, how do you like that? Each time I browse Sephora, Macy’s, Ulta, etc. I log in to my e-bates first and from there I am redirected to these stores with a unique check-in number. Cash back is credited thru Paypal or check. I want my money fast so Paypal it is for me.

5. Read product reviews if you must but go with your gut-feel. Unless a product is rated very low, treat each one as individually unique experience. As the saying goes, different strokes from different folks.  Sephora, Macy’s and other big retailers allow consumers to return merchandise either by mail or in-store.

6. Shopping for makeups online? Read this first…

  • Never buy makeup foundation online unless it’s a replenishment. Foundations are supposed to match your skintone, period. Needless to say, it’s always best to try them in-store
  • Beware of fakes! Unless you don’t mind buying knock-off’s, evaluate the authenticity of the products you are buying online. Plenty of these fakes are found in e-bay so make sure you read customer feedback first.

7. Hunt for online deals or join programs that make you save big bucks. For example, I am subscribed to all my favorite brands thru email. It’s best to create a separate e-mail address dedicated to these so your personal inbox won’t be bombarded with these countless offers.

I hope these tips help you shop confidently online. 

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