Skinn Cosmetics | James Dimitri Triple Cover Conceal Wheel

Let me tell you a little secret ~ do you know what makes a woman look older than her age? Dark under-eye circles! And whether you are well-rested or have had an enviable amount of sleep, some women are more predisposed to have them. Blame the genes baby. With me, I tend to have these dreaded circles when I am over-fatigued. Quickie solution? ‘Gimme that concealer!

Still part of my haul, this Triple Cover Conceal Wheel from Skinn Cosmetics is an interesting find.


Straight up, this cream concealer is best applied with a ring finger because it warms the product, making it easy to blend under the eyes. It has three shades: No.1 is the lightest (ideal for light/fair skin); No.2 is medium- toned (my shade); No.3 is slight pink (best for those with visible green veins). 

I use this two ways:  Over liquid foundation and Under powder foundation. To prevent creasing and make it last, I set it with a loose powder.

Over-all rating : 4/5 Must-try. It’s lightweight, natural, and cruelty-free. The only drawback is that this concealer only caters to light-medium skin tone chicas~ no other varieties to boot, boo!

Happy concealing!

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