Much as I love the coverage of a liquid foundation, there are days that I turn to powder foundation. Mineral- based to be specific.  For years, I have relied on bareMinerals so finally moi felt that it’s time to explore other brands just because.Yep. #oneofthosedays.

Drum roll to Skinn Cosmetics High Definition Cotton and Mineral Foundation SPF 15, a brand created by celebrity makeup artist James Dimitri.


5g / 0.17 oz.

It boasts of nano-pigment technology (a marketing jargon I suppose because I googled what this means and the first thing that came up was inkjet printer, hahaha) and powder made from laser cut cotton which is much softer than talc (talc is known in the cosmetic ‘biz to clog pores). In addition, it contains magnesium, zinc, calcium, selenium and read this loud ~ real 24kt gold! As if these weren’t enough, this product also lists hyaluronic acid and lysine amino acid (humectants) that make powder stay fresh all day sans cakeyness. Oh, and it has SPF 15 too! Sounds like a holy grail, eh?

I bought this baby online with a wild guess on my shade since their range is limited to five. I settled for medium-light nonetheless. There are minute specks of shimmer that’s almost invisible to the naked eye. Could it be the 24k gold? The texture is soft and the application is standard to mineral powder foundation: swirl brush, tap off excess, buff onto face in a circular motion. This can be worn on its own or as a setting powder ~ the difference is just in the amount of powder used. As a standalone foundation, it took me three cycles (swirl, tap,buff) to achieve a natural or barely-there look.

So when do I normally use a powder foundation then? (1) on weekends (2) a quick trip to the store (3) anytime moi needed to look presentable without the feel of heavy makeup. To get the most out of this mineral makeup, use a kabuki or flat top brush for better blending and apply face primer under for longer wearability.

My two-cents worth: 4/5. It’s a good alternative to my fave bareMinerals. I didn’t have breakouts and I like the subtle luminosity it gave my face. The only downside is its limited color range (compared to bareMinerals’ 20).


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1 thought on “Skinn Cosmetics | Dimitri James ~ High Definition Cotton & Mineral Foundation SPF 15

  • Anonymous

    Hi! I'm looking to try this foundation, and I'm also trying to decided on a color that's right for me. I'm about NC30, and I'm trying to decide between Medium-Light and Medium. I thought you might provide some insight for me as to what color might match me better if I know what color is your skin tone and how the color you choose worked out for you. In the post, you said you ended up buying the medium-light, but in the picture included in the blog post, the product itself says medium. Do you know if you really got the medium-light or if you actually got the medium? How did the color matching go for you? Thanks! I love your blog, btw!

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