I’d be honest with you ~ I’m not a big fan of Maybelline but lately I can’t resist trying out their new products that promise long wearability. In my previous post, I raved about Color Tattoo and this time, I subjected this beauty to a rigid no-retouch experiment.

055 Keep Me Coral, $7.99 (Target)

The Promise: Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hr Lipstick has rich color with super staying power. It won’t dry lips and weigh you down.

The Result: This particular shade has creamy-matte-shimmer finish. The shade is true to its name, coral-ish. It glides easily and richly pigmented to say the least. It has a distinct fruity smell which isn’t annoying to me. To prevent drying of my lips (common issue among long-wearing or matte lipsticks), I applied a bit of lip balm under it. 

As a side note, let me tell you that it was hard not to re-touch throughout the day when your job requires interacting with people. But that’s how moi springs into action! 

7am ~ my lips were already screaming coral after two swipes. 

11am ~ color was still intact after four hours. 

12nn ~ came lunchtime (had sandwich for lunch), I noticed a reduction in color and minor stains on tissue paper

6pm and post-dinner ~ color completely vanished.

So to answer the puzzle of  wearability, Nope! it didn’t make it to 14 hours. But if you take into account   the presence of color even after a meal (about 50% reduction), it’s still commendable because my lip color was even throughout the day.

Over-all rating: 4/5 It’s a must-try. If you’re like me who hates constant re-touching when out and about, consider this in your next haul.


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