‘Am blessed to have a man who supports my vanity 1000%, actually anything that makes me happy. Makeup-wise, Le Hubby would sometimes suggest that I do smokey eyes or bright red lips. He knows what a concealer is, and that I don’t wear dramatic eyes and bold lips at the same time.

Anyways, while watching TV last night, I asked him spontaneously upon seeing Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind The Eraser Makeup ad…

photo c/o maybelline.com

Moi: “I don’t have that makeup yet. Do you think I need it to reverse aging?”

Him: “Babe, you don’t need that, you’re not old”.

Then he went on to elaborate his thoughts on makeup ads….

“Women should be smart enough to know that they can’t reverse aging. Everybody gets old. Everybody will have wrinkles eventually. Some get winkles sooner than others because of genetics and the way they took care of their skin when they were younger. So if they worshipped the sun then without sunscreen, they are paying the price now.  These commercials make women spend for that promise of youth, which is not going to happen. I think basic things like washing your face, moisturizing and sunscreen are enough for your skin. Don’t believe everything you see in a commercial”.

Moi: “Wow, it’s so nice to hear that from you. You can be a blogger, Mister!”

There you go my friends! ‘thought I’d share with you what the opposite sex thinks about us women chasing eternal youth~ which makes sense after all.


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