Now that I have ample lighting and space in my new craft area, I feel even more inspired to be creative.  For this project, I resurrected my old pair of wedges into something tribal-looking!

Here’s a checklist of all the supplies (you can purchase them from any craft store or E-bay).

How to: 

1. Measure/eyeball and cut the string based on your desired length. That will depend on your shoe style and how high or low you want the beads to hang in front of your shoes.

2. Cut two pieces of strings with the same length.

3. Take the crimp end and lay the strings inside it. Use pliers to close the side flap of the crimp end.

4. String beads in both cords anyway you like it.

5. Crimp and close the opposite end.

6. Open jump ring with pliers; connect it to lobster clasp; connect it to crimp end’s tiny hole. Close jump ring. Do the same thing in the opposite end.

7. Hook one end of clasp to buckle, wrap around, and hook the opposite end to the same buckle.

Say hi to your “new” wedges!!!!

Watch this video to see actual demonstration. Click here


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