So what makes shampoos lather? that’s the big question of the day. Check your shampoo bottle and most likely they contain SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and ALS (ammonium lauryl sulfate). These two are classified as detergents and are found in most personal care products including toothpaste, body washes and soaps. And yes, they are responsible for that lather effect which we all equate with being cleansed. 

That explains why I was doubtful of Burt’s Bees Very Volumizing Shampoo‘s (Pomegranate & Soy) cleansing ability. It didn’t lather and the consistency was runny as water.

$7.99 each

This shampoo is 97.2% natural and claims to add volume to your mane. The pomegranate and soy are supposed to condition and make hair softer. The partner conditioner’s promise is the same- boosts hair volume naturally.

My two-cents worth: While I love the fact that this combo is close to being 100% natural, I was a little iffy with the shampoo to say the least. It is so watery that I always end up using more than what is needed. The absence of lather is quite a novelty to me, and the slight fruity fragrance isn’t the worst but isn’t the best either. The conditioner is a different story. Since it is the last step to washing, I attribute my softer and more manageable hair with it. There was no change with my hair’s volume but I liked the way it retained its moisture in between washings.

Rating: 3/5 Try at your own risk (Shampoo)
              4/5 Must-try (Conditioner)


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