Dear fab friends, subscribers, random readers, including my relatives who visit this blog occasionally,

I can’t thank you enough for the encouraging messages and/or comments I always receive from you. Thank you for letting me borrow few minutes of your time each day reading my blog. Blogging requires an ounce of discipline and persistence. There are days I don’t even know how to begin writing, and today is no different. But you’re still there, sticking out with moi. My blog is only a year- old, there are still so much to learn and more odds to conquer. 

2011 is nowhere near perfection, life-wise. We lost two dear relatives, an aunt last March and uncle in November. Recession ain’t over yet and am still chasing the elusive dream job. But blogging and vlogging kept me grounded and hopeful. I expanded my network and met wonderful people who share the same passion. Le Hubby always reminds me to count my blessings and that I can’t have everything I want. So I keep my faith aflame.

2012 is almost upon us. New Year. New Beginnings. To all my friends who went thru tough times in 2011, those too will pass. If there is one life lesson I learned from being a Dog Mama, it’s this > “dogs live in the present even if they had an ugly past”. Don’t let your past govern your future. What you do today will. Experience is a good teacher only if we learn something from it. It’s okay to cry over spilled milk but never on a rotten one, and I’m talking about men who betrayed you, friends who abandoned you, etc. You are so much bigger than your problem. It’s gonna be alright, only if you allow those circumstances to shape your present and future.

I don’t want to leave you with tear-jerking moments, so I made my own resolution. Cross-fingers, I’ll make them happen in 2012. Woot-woot!

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