My hair has a mind of its own. I was born with straight locks but up until 2005, when I decided to grow my hair ala- Rapunzel (well sorta’), it unraveled this wavy, frizzy, dry, and often tangled hair. My friends think it’s cute and a lot of times I have been  asked if I had permed my hair. In good days, the waves which are concentrated at the bottom and mid-section, happen to look sexy. But bad days outnumbered those. And seriously, I don’t have the time to always style it, let alone use curling or straightening iron because it takes  too much effort. Quickie solution? Messy bun it is. But wait there’s more! My ultimate hair dilemma is my never-ending battle with tangles! Without a hair detangler, the inner strands can rival a bird’s nest. If only  my scalp can scream from all the painful tugging. Quickie solution? Another messy bun!

In my quest for that holy grail, I purchased my first Carol’s Daughter hair product- Hair Milk (Lite) The Curl Booster (Sephora, $20).

This product claims to boost curls and tames frizz with light moisturizing properties minus the grease. Sounds great! so between this and the original version, I thought this might solve all my hair issues. The bonus point: this baby is free from paraben, petroleum, mineral oil and artificial color.

$20 is a little pricey but hey, the good thing about Sephora is I can return this if it doesn’t work. Plus, according to the instruction, a dime-sized amount on damp hair would be enough. At 296 ml, this will last me for 6 months at the most. Not bad then!

The verdict is in. My hunch was right, this indeed solved my hair issues! Finally I can run my fingers through my hair without much tangles. I don’t even need a hair detangler now, would you believe? It is fragrance free so it didn’t compete with my hair shampoo and/or conditioner’s scent. This somehow defined my wavy hair which means, I can skip styling tools in days I just want a more natural look!. It moisturized my hair in between washings and most of all, my mane is softer and shinier than ever.

With all that it’s worth, I’d rate this 5/5. Note that my hair is up to my waist and I needed only a dime sized portion. If your hair is shorter, this will last you even longer. If $20 sounds too much, try the travel size priced at $9.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. In this video (Around Hawaii), I used this product and that’s my actual wavy hair in action. Be my fabulous judge.


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