“A wonderful first time experience makes me want to have more”….

…I’m talking about my journey with makeups, ladies.

If you have read my previous post (click here), I raved about how Origins Zero Oil Instant Matte Finish became my oil-controlling grace. Using that as a leverage, I purchased a few more Origins products (separate reviews will be posted), hoping to find the ever elusive holy grail.

I am a huge I-wanna-try-that-foundation girl. Having oily and acne-prone skin, I found myself leaning towards buying all natural/ organic foundation recently. 

Origins Youthopia SPF 15 is a liquid foundation that promises firmer skin, tightened pores, and reduced wrinkles sans harmful chemicals.

1.0 fl oz. / 30ml, $27.50, origins.com
As natural as it gets. Not tested on animals too.

This foundation comes in a 30ml glass bottle. The consistency is thin which makes it easy to blend using clean fingers or foundation brush (I prefer the latter method though for hygienic reasons). Rhodiola rosea  root extract, one of the key ingredients, is known for its antioxidant properties and stress-relieving benefits. When used topically, it may help delay wrinkles. Wow, a promise of youth? #iheart

Yet another bottle without pump or spatula.
Honestly, I don’t mind paying a few dollars more for it. I don’t like waste.

This isn’t the correct way of trying out a new foundation.
I only used my arm to show you the “watery” consistency.
To match with your true skintone, apply along the jawline and blend towards the neck

Available in only eight shades, it’s one of those hit-or-miss or mix-one-with-the-other foundation. For instance, I am usually fair-medium but as you can see from the box above, my shade is medium deep in Origins beauty vocabulary. The coverage is between light to medium, depending on how much you apply. The wearability, combined with the use of a primer and Origins Zero Oil Matte Finish, is a good seven hours. Yes, not that long compared to thicker formulations  I am used to. It has a very slight “plant” smell- read the label and you understand why *hint* (most of the ingredients are plant extracts). It feels light as feather, has SPF 15 (although negligible if you intend to be out longer), and the best part of it all – I didn’t have breakouts!

Over-all, It’s 4/5. Had it been available in more shades with an addition of pump or spatula, I’ll give it a screaming 5/5! If you are into lightweight medium coverage foundation, this is a must-try. To moi it’s a must-have, especially in days I don’t wanna cake on foundation. Talk about natural beauty, eh?!

P.S. As to the claim of reduced lines or wrinkles and tightened pores, that needs to be evaluated still because these benefits require longer use to be heralded as the next best thing. But I did notice something, I looked well – rested. Be my fabulous judge.


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