Christmas is really around the corner. I was out the whole day today for a little holiday haul. Traffic was awful and the parking, a pain in the bu**, pffft! Did I just smell something? Okay, I don’t want to spoil your reading pleasure so let’s move on to my beauty favorites this past month. Categorically speaking, these are the most used products regardless of my current mental state, hahaha!

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush (see review here) is on the list, and still by far the longest-wearing blush I have tried.   Sephora by OPI Just a Little Dangerous/Blasted nail polish duo (review here) fished a lot of compliments from acquaintances. I also loved that it lasted two weeks with minor chipping. MAC Russian Red remains a staple in my makeup bag. Honestly, every woman should own a beautiful red lipstick! Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation is my go-to foundation when I want to look flawless in pictures, did I just spill the beans? Hard Candy Glamouflage concealed my blemishes so well, with quality comparable to a department store brand. Lastly, Origins Zero Oil Instant Matte Finish (review here) is my new skin hero against mid-day  all-day T-zone grease.

Going back to my shopping story: Part of my haul agenda was to find a really nice holiday collection of nail polishes. I first went to Nordstrom but didn’t see Deborah Lippman’s Dance Music Holiday mini-trio. So moi went to Macy’s and asked the sales associate if they have something glitzy other than MAC and Urban Decay (which I don’t find holiday-ish enough). She said they only have UD. With an innocent remark, I uttered “maybe Sephora has them” (I’m on Sephora withdrawal by the way, having purchased quite a lot recently). Ha! This lady raised her eyebrow and told me in a condescending voice ” Oh well, Sephora has more because they are warehouse! And went on to rant even more “Us in Macy’s, we build our own clientele… giddyyayaya“. With a confused look, I just told her “ah, never mind, it’s not a problem”. Girl, you lost a sale from me. I was planning to buy more than a nail polish. I was turned off with that snarky attitude so I hurriedly left Macy’s! On the way out, I was like- how dare that woman malign Sephora, a beauty junkie’s haven? Like seriously! And to scold a customer about what Macy’s is? Lady, I am a long-time customer of yours. I guess I’d better go back shopping online at Macy’s where there is “virtual” air of friendliness. To cut the story short, I found the uber elusive holiday nail polish set at Neiman Marcus (separate post soon), wrapped nicely with a sincere smile by the sales associate. Now that’s what I call a delightful holiday experience. 

On another note, here’s a glance of the Ala Moana Center, the largest shopping mall in Hawaii. I was briefly entertained by the hula dancers and the sight of giant christmas tree.


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