Aloha my fabulous readers and friends. I got an email not too long ago asking me what happened to those daily quotes that I used to write and post in my previous Facebook page. Since I have been very active on this blog more than ever, I thought of including those self-empowering quotes (Simply click the button Daily Motivational Quote found on the right side bar of this blog) I have written about a hundred already with a hope that I can publish them one day. 

So what inspired me to write these quotes? Believe it or not, I easily get motivated by things around me. From the most mundane object to disconcerting experiences. I feel that it is therapeutic, not only to my friends who have connected with what I wrote but more to me- to stay positive amidst life’s oddities. 

Can you share these quotes? 1000% YES but I’d appreciate it to the nth degree if there is proper attribution made. It doesn’t hurt to include my little pen name at the end- FabKath

To kick off, here are 5 quotes from moi!

“I don’t need a battalion of friends who will leave me half-way through the battle. I only need a couple who will fight for me ’til my last breath”- FabKath

“Only a secure man can handle a confident woman. Insecurity dwells even in the brightest minds”- FabKath

“You make things happen but God makes things happen better. You can only do so much but God can do so much more” -FabKath

“Happiness is 90% what you owe yourself, only 10% from others. It is what you make out of a situation, not what others make out for you” -FabKath

“Growing old is never an issue. Growing old gracefully, that is” – FabKath


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