*I have a confession to make* I’m a germophobe. I over-wash my hands and I have antibacterial gel in every nook, not to mention each of my makeup bag. This habit makes my hands really dry. Over-washing + Epic-sanitizing + Under-moisturizing = Unsightly dry hands. Not fab!

This cold weather isn’t helping either. While I am content with body lotion in the past, I know I need to up my game lest I’d be battling with cracked hands. Enter Laura Mercier Creme De Pistache Hand Creme.

$15, lauramercier.com
Net wt 2 oz. / 50g

This hand creme is very moisturizing, with a dash of almond and teeny weeny vanilla scent. It’s sexy without intoxicating your olfactory receptors. In fact I am so addicted to it that I am sniffing my hands as I type this whole sentence, for real! Unlike other hand cremes or lotions that make my hands greasy, this one spares moi from that icky feel. A pea-size amount is enough to hydrate my over-used and abused hands. 

My two hands cents worth: 5/5 Even Mr FabKath liked the fragrance and the feel of my smooth hands, yay! This will last me throughout winter. In case it won’t, it’s definitely a repurchase. 

P.S. So the name is pistache or pistachio yet I smelled almond. Whatever, they’re both nuts anyway! Do I sound nuts to even bring this up?

It’s one week before Christmas! I’m done holiday-shopping, thank God.


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2 thoughts on “Laura Mercier Creme De Pistache Hand Creme

  • I think you should try antibacterial hand lotion! I know Bath and Body Works has some, and I'm sure others do too! That way you get the best of both!

  • @Micah thanks, I use BBW anti bacterial hand sanitizing gel but haven't seen antibacterial lotion, I'll check it out. xoxo

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