Never bite the hands that feed you. But how can you resist those soft and callus-free hands of the most hardworking man you know?  and those tender lips that aroused Sleeping Beauty from her deep sleep?

Wake up to Jack Black Hand and Lip duo, a Sephora exclusive limited edition ($12). It’s a nice little treat to the man who adores you like a queen.

Set includes 2 oz. Hand Healer (cream) & 0.25 Lip Balm SPF25

To those new to this brand, Jack Black is a brand of skincare skewed towards Adam’s world  a.k.a men. The name was coined from the comic actor you and I know, for real! Most of Jack Black’s products are made from plant extracts with known healing benefits; they are cruelty-free and dermatologist-tested.

The Industrial Strength Hand Healer is a hand cream that soothes and heals dry and cracked hands, a common skin dilemma at this time of the year. It has a hint of herbal scent (more like eucalyptus) when applied but disappears after a few minutes. It is not greasy, and depending on the degree of dryness, reapplication is needed every now and then. Ladies, if you are attempting to use this yourself, don’t expect a womanly scent. This was made for the man in your life in the first place. But pointblank, it can rival your go-to hand lotion/cream when it comes to moisturizing properties.

The Intense Lip Therapy Lip Balm is a keeper. First, it has SPF 25- perfect for the outdoors! Then comes the minty flavor that I so heart (which slightly stings for a few minutes). I like to use this after brushing my teeth because of the cooling effect it gives my lips. Haha, it turns out Le Hubby is not a lip- balm- guy so this beauty went straight to my vanity.

My two-cents worth: 4/5 This set is definitely a must- try. If you happen to see this set at Sephora, snag it because it’s a limited edition. At $12, the hand cream is much bigger than I expected for a travel/trial size. The lip balm is something I will repurchase for myself.


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