Let’s deviate for a while from my usual makeup holiday gift suggestions. After all, who doesn’t like a feel-good movie after a stressful day? Dimmed lights, a fleece blanket, warm chocolate drink… ahh, utopia!

These are the movies you or your BFF will love. There is something about these flicks that make me watch them over and over again. I guess being the hopeless hopeful romantic that I am, my mindset is bent on optimism and humor no matter what life brings me.

Four Christmases is a hilarious movie centered on Reese and Vaugh’s uber crazy family set-up. The Holiday is about a home exchange between Cameron and Kate, who were both dealing from a fresh breakup. Under The Tuscan Sun is the reason why Tuscan, Italy is on my travel wish list. I can pretty much relate to this movie. The Bridesmaids is the funniest movie I have seen this year, Meagan being my favorite character. PS I Love You is quite a tearjerker but very inspirational towards the end. That’s how far I can describe the movie lest I spoil your movietime!


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