In my previous post, I mentioned how hyped up I am with everything lip balm. It’s my ultimate weapon to avoid dry lips this time of the year. Zombie lips be gone!

Much as I love mainstream brands, I am also attracted to indies with cult following. Drum roll to Tokyo Milk, a line of bath and body luxurious finds with eccentric appeal. Check out the website to see what I mean. 

Oh man, this is another love-at-first sight. I got two variations of lip balms, and let me show you how they make lovely gifts at $10 or less.

Bonbon Lip Balm, $10
(Let them Eat Cake)

This lip balm from the Bonbon collection (8 must-have flavors) has sunflower seed oil, beeswax, shea butter, aloe vera and Vitamin E. I bought Let Them Eat Cake for obvious reasons- I have a sweet tooth. It smells like vanilla with a teeny weeny hint of coconut. It is very moisturizing and it leaves my lips uber soft.  The packaging is truly an eye candy. The jar is glass and the top (with embossed emblem) is tin-finish.

One side of the box. Queen Marie Antoinette

Box flap. I love how small details like these make a product look fab!

Nice lil surprise at the bottom of the box.
A kissing guide, how dya like that?

Best movie kisses, now that’s funny.

The next lip balm comes from a different collection, Tokyo Milk’s Lip Elixir – edgy, dark and strongly scented. 

La Vie En Rose, $7

Tin is in. I’m referring to this packaging.

In contrast to the sweet and dainty Bonbon, the packaging and fragrance of Lip Elixir is commanding- kind of rocker chic. Available in 8 flavors, this lip balm lists bee balm and jasmine flower extract as the key ingredients. La Vie En Rose has rosewater and vanilla notes. Don’t say I didn’t warn you- the scent is quite strong, it’s like wearing eau de toilette on your lips. Definitely not your average Chapstik.

As a side note, when you sign up for Tokyo Milk, they will send you a welcome email with promotional code. Guess what I got for free? That Lip Elixir La Vie En Rose. 

Gift-meter: 5/5 If you want to take a break from department or drugstore brands this season of giving, both these lip balms are great choices. Give bonbon to the sweet and innocent, and lip elixir to the bold and vamp. Your BFF will love it. Only when she has the same taste as moi, lol!

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