About five late nights ago, Moi and Le Hubby were watching a special feature from NHK channel showing some Japanese men and women, mostly in their senior years, climbing this peak everyday (I forgot the name but the height is more like a valley). As in. The reporter was following the trail of a super fit seventy-something year old man. On their way up, the latter was saying that he has been climbing that peak everyday for twenty five years. He’ll wake up around 5 in the morning and start his ritual even if it’s raining. Wow, that’s what I call ultimate discipline. When they reached the very top after 1.5 hours of non-stop trekking, I was even delighted to see a group of old women exercising. The reporter approached one and asked her age: 82 years old! Sweet Jesus, she’s all might and power. Wake up call Kathryne!

While I am neither under or overweight, I know I have to do something with my lifestyle. I miss the days when I was so active with my dumbbells and exercise mat. Dancing is a passion and it’s a great way to burn those calorie-laden pastries and french fries I have been eating lately. I never want to go back to that period in my life when I was a slave to all things unhealthy.

Health is the best gift we can give ourselves and loved ones. If I can blog to  my heart’s content or film a makeup tutorial, then there is no excuse not to exercise. Self-discipline is what it takes. Let’s make this happen my fab friends.  Time to get fit this coming 2012, and beyond!

Taken at Ka’Iwi Scenic Point several months ago.

PS. I wrote this blog after my dance exercise so am sweatin’, eeew!


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