A friend who’s quite new to makeuplandia asked me if there are particular drugstore brands that I can recommend to those who are just starting to build their kits. My pleasure! I was a novice then and though I am in no way your ultimate beauty guru now, I think I can help in that department *smiling at you like a sales associate*

Setting the foundation of flawless makeup, or at least close to it.

(1) Foundation. Depending on your skin type, you need a foundation that (1) stays on whole day (2) non-comedogenic (3) closely matches your skin tone. To know your skin tone or undertone, read my previous post here . Honestly, the biggest drawback of drugstore brands is that you are unable to try which ones really compliment your skin tone. My tip is nothing carved in stone. If you already own a foundation that you are satisfied with, bring that with you for comparison and pick the brand that closely matches that shade. But what if you don’t even have a foundation to begin with? My quickie solution (although not the ideal) is to hold the foundation near the side of your face where there is ample lighting and look in the mirror. Choose anything that closely matches your face color. Trial and error, that’s the whole point I love about makeups.

(2) Primer. In a nutshell, a primer helps foundation stay longer than usual. It acts as barrier between your face and makeup. Depending on the formulation, it can also cover minor imperfections and redness.

(3) Setting powder or pressed powder.  It seals your foundation, this is optional though.

(4) Concealer.  It provides additional coverage for imperfections like dark under eye circles and acne marks.

L-R:  Revlon Colorstay ($10) is a good choice for those with oily or combination skin, it really is long-wearing; Maybelline Instant Age Rewind ($8)’ ; e.l.f high definition powder ($3);
Hard candy Glamouflage concealer ($6)

Eyes, eyes baby!
(1) Eye primer. Similar to  foundation, you need to prime your eyes so your makeup won’t smudge or crease throughout the day.
(2) Eyeshadows. Choose something that has neutral hues for everyday wear (office or school). As you get used to it, try palettes with smokey or as you push the envelope a little farther, those with rainbow colors. Makeup is all about experimenting and having fun.
(3) Eyeliners. They add more definition and drama to your eyes.
(4) Mascara. I feel naked without it. Black mascara creates an illusion of thicker eyelashes.
(5) Brow powder or liner. Brows frame your face. Please have your eyebrows groomed by a professional if it’s your first time and do your own afterwards using a tweezer. Use brow powder or liner to fill in gaps.

L-R: NYX eyeshadow base as primer ($5); NYX jumbo pencil as primer or base ($3);
Prestige eyeliner ($4); Essence mascara ($2); Revlon mascara ($8); Wet n Wild brow powder ($3)

L-R: e.l.f 100 eyeshadow palette ($10) has everything you need from day to night;
Wet n Wild 6-color icon palette ($4); Hard Candy baked duo ($6)

Cheek chic.
(1) Blush-on. A little pop of color on your cheeks makes you look healthy and awake.
(2) Bronzer. You can use this to contour your face or to add a sun-kissed effect to your makeup.
(3) Highlighter. Optional, but if you want to have that dewy or radiant effect on your cheekbones,nose, chin or forehead, try it. Those with oily skin should skip this though because it emphasizes grease and pores (Okay, I break rules sometimes).

L-R: e.l.f contouring blush and bronze duo ($3); Neutrogena sheer blush ($8);
Wet n Wild blush ($3)

Lips so sexy!
(1) Lipliner. Do you really need this? Yes and no. For the most part it’s optional but if you want your lip color to stay longer,  I’d say 100% yes.
(2) Lipstick. I don’t know any woman who doesn’t own one.
(3) Lipgloss. In days you want to amp your lips, definitely buy it. You can use it alone or over lipstick.

L-R: NYC lipshine ($4), NYX lipgloss ($2), LA Girl lipgloss ($3)
Top-Bottom: e.l.f. studio lipstick ($3), L’Oreal Infallible Le Rouge ($8);
Wet n Wild  megalast lip color ($3)

Brush set
Invest on a good set of brushes because you definitely need the right tools for better makeup application and blending. Try not to use those applicators that come with the palettes because they are either too small or flimsy to get the job done. For starters, get these brushes (1) foundation (2) concealer (3) powder or kabuki (4) blush (5) flat eyeshadow (6) crease  (7) blending brush for eye makeup

L-R: Unbranded brushes from Target ( about $2-$3 each); Ecotools (about $12-10 a set)

Hope this helps!


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