Lucky me I don’t have to deal with snow and negative temperature because I’d probably be the first one to get frostbites. Freeze-to-death, not in my fabulous vocabulary. But yeah, it gets chilly too in Hawaii. As of this writing, it’s 78 degrees Fahrenheit inside- okay, I see you laughing but to moi  it’s akin to Alaska. ‘Seems like I need to pack on more brown fats then. Tuesday (Nov 29) might be the coldest, forecasted at 66 degrees!  No way, Jose…

Winter Chilly weather dilemma. Dry skin. Chapped lips. Flaky scalp. Now this is when I wish that my oily face should have extended its hypermanic sebum supply to other parts of my body. Every year, these are my skin issues: my lips chap like zombies, my arms turn into a  chalkboard (you can write your name legibly), and my scalp flakes like snow. Doomed. Un-fab!

Rescue moi! If you experience the same problems, here are some products I constantly rely on. Take note, some are DIY’s, yay!

Dry lips

Gentle exfoliation can relieve dry and chapped lips. You can buy a lip exfoliant or make your own the fast and frugal way. Mix one drop of olive oil with sugar (brown or white). Rub mixture gently on lips for one minute and wash. Apply lip balm after. 

Lip balm is my new BFF. I have lip balm in every place imaginable. Makeup bag, purse pocket, medicine cabinet, vanity, among others. Lip balm is my last beauty ritual before I say night-night! It is also the first thing I touch before I begin my makeup. Moisturize those lips baby!

Some of my faves (L-R) Badger Lip Balm (Vanilla Madagascar)
Oils of Aloha (Kukui) Natural Dry Lip Therapy
Burts Bee’s Replenishing Lip Balm (Pomegranate oil) 

Dry skin

Lotion, cream or butter- that is the question. If you have extremely dry skin, you might need a formula with thicker consistency like creams. Body butter has high amount of plant oil while lotion has higher water content than oil. Overall, it only boils down to personal preference. In my case, I am fine with lotion. The best time to apply cream or lotion is right after shower, when the skin is damp so it can better absorb the moisturizing effects of these products.

Lately I’m using Burt’s Bees Body Lotion. It’s fragrance-free
and has Shea butter and Vitamin E. 

Flaky scalp
Dry or flaky scalp is different from dandruff. It’s a winter thing condition. If you suffer from dry lips, most likely, your poor scalp will. It is easy to spot whether you have weather-related flakiness or dandruff. In my case, the snowflakes are confined along the hairline, they’re not itchy, and when they come off, there you see tiny red patches. My quickie solution is to switch to hair products that are indicated for dry scalp. For my DIY, I deep-moisturize my hair and massage my scalp with sweet almond nut oil an hour before I shower. And whenever I can, I use aloe vera gel (but usually I do it before I sleep) concentrating on areas where flakiness is obvious.

Aloe gel has been used since time immemorial to hydrate
and moisturize skin. 

Hope these tips help!

P.S. I know I have been blogging about holiday deals lately. Today, I finally had the time to film a new video to share what I got for myself. Watch my stocking stuffer ideas… more to come.

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