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I woke up with an itchy throat today and was planning to film a holiday makeup look. The mind wills it but the body won’t cooperate. Sigh. Hopefully this won’t progress to flu and fever. To combat this “poor-me-I’m-getting-sick” syndrome, I decided to play with these beauties I received from the mail yesterday. I bought these nail polishes (plus makeups) from

If you are a fan of Sephora by OPI’s Blasted collection, then this duo is for you. Just a Little Dangerous is a deep purple lacquer and Blasted is a silver crackle. 

I am no expert in nail art so I made sure I followed the instructions to a T.  (a) Apply base coat (b) Apply two layers of deep purple (c) Apply one coat of Blasted over dry lacquer (d) End with top coat. Whew, not bad for a novice- or to someone who’s more accustomed to one shade polish.

Blame the shaky hand. Forgive the mess. Love the effect.

Rating: 5/5

On a side note about shaky hands, I somewhat attribute this to my fondness for coffee. I can’t start the day without feeding my system with caffeine. A few days ago, I was tempted to hoard several flavors of Kona coffee from Hawaiian Isles because of its superbly cute holiday packaging. 

I like you Starbucks. But I love this better!
Kona Pumpkin Pie Delight 

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