I am getting into this whole beauty-couponing saga lately so with my recent trip to Target, I was smitten with the Revlon Just Bitten ($8.99) frenzy. To be honest, I am not a big fan of lip stains as I find them unflattering, especially if you have dry lips. But with my $2 off coupon, I want to try this once and for all.

Gothic is Vamp Red. I’m thinking this is the shade for the holidays!

Marker tip on one side…

Balm on the other….

I have another drugstore lip stain from NYC (with surprisingly good result on me. For full review, click here) so that will set the bar for this lippie. A lip stain is supposed to last longer than lipstick or lip gloss. It stains your lips for hours, hence the name. To get the most out of lip stains, you need to exfoliate your lips. (For ideas on how to exfoliate lips, click here). Lip stains are either water or gel-based. If you hate re-touching when out and about, then this might be your holy grail…. or hell… 

Consider yourself warned. The following photos are not for the weak of heart. If you are reading this blog while on a lunch break- Pause! Kidding aside, as a beauty blogger, I want to bring you the real deal. Good or Bad. Yay or Yikes. So let these photos speak for themselves:

First swipe of Gothic (lips exfoliated, fyi)

Second swipe. Now I don’t understand why my lower lips
have darker stain than the upper. I never had this issue with NYC.
Time of application: 9:30AM

With accompanying balm this time. Any difference?

1:30PM (4 hours after). This is how it looked after downing
hotdog-on-a-bun. Again, I didn’t have this issue with
5:30 PM (8 hours after). It markedly stained my lips
for horrible reasons…. I won’t be caught
dead with this look!!!!!

And so the final verdict is: 3/5 (Try at your own risk. Your lips may have better genetic makeup than mine). Nope, I won’t buy again!

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