I like eyeliners. They remind me of my happy childhood days with colored pencils, when doodle time meant 24/7 Crayola cray-cray. 

Fast forward 2011. As I am checking my blogs, I realized that I have rarely reviewed eye pencils. So here’s an ode to my recent fave find: Prestige Classic Eyeliner.

Top to bottom:
Rhapsody (E71)
Sage (E66)
Dark Green (E16)

Prestige is a line of cosmetics sold in drugstores. These kohl eyeliners cost less than $4 each. I like that it has the right amount of softness or firmness (enough to line your eyes without tugging or the khol breaking). I have sensitive eyes so it’s a plus that this brand didn’t irritate mine. I like to use this in my upper and lower lashline, and sometimes waterline. The only con: this isn’t waterproof. Rhapsody is blue- tinted, Sage is a cross between brown and green, Dark green is deep green (okay I just reworded it. But it’s really dark and green, hahaha!)

Make the most out of your eyeliner. I use it as base for my eyeshadow in days that I skip those jumbo pencils. For soft smokey eyes, smudge it with a small eye brush or q-tip. To prevent looking like a raccoon by mid-day, seal eyeliner with eyeshadow (I use small angled brush to do this trick). Finally, sharpen regularly to extend its shelf-life and prevent eye infection.

Over-all rating: 4/5 Must-try. Good quality at affordable price.

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