Could this be the product to end my greasy woes? Tell me it is and I will cross the highest mountain to search for thee… Emo-mode, rollin’!

While it’s flattering to be always mistaken for looking younger than my real age (oily skin delays onset of wrinkles), there is nothing more noteworthy with a face barraged by nonstop sebum production. Acne, visible pores, faster makeup meltdown, etc. So if you have the same skin type as mine, you’d understand why I am always in search of that elusive holy grail. 

Enter Origins Zero Oil Instant Matte Finish For Shiny Places ($13.50, Macy’s).

Teeny weeny times two. My hand and the bottle.

This menehune (in Hawaiian mythology, it means dwarfs or tiny people with superior crafting abilities) is packed with gigantic powers. And I mean literally.  When I ordered this online, I was thinking that the size is like a standard toner bottle. I cringed when I opened the box and thought for a while that Macy’s could’ve shipped the wrong item. Lesson learned: online images can be deceitful.

But other than its size issue, this product is probably the missing link in my oily- world. First, I feel good knowing that it is free from harmful cosmetic ingredients like paraben, mineral oil, animal ingredients (a big plus!), petrolatum, among others.

The application is tricky. This ain’t lotion but a liquid formulation with tiny crystalline-like substance floating inside the bottle. The instruction isn’t quite clear so with common sense, I just shook the bottle well (as in vigorous),  twist-opened the cap, squeezed about three drops onto my fingertips, rubbed in between fingertips, and applied it on my nose, forehead and cheeks (where I grease the most, yikes!). I experimented two ways  on how to use it, as the box suggested. (1) after moisturizer, but before primer and foundation (2) last step after foundation. My parameter of its mattifying effectiveness is very elementary: number of blotting paper that I’ll consume while under this experiment. On the average, I use up to five blotting papers throughout the day without this product. 

This self-test produced different results. Process one (under makeup) mattified my face for the first three hours with minor shine issues after that. I used up two blotting papers throughout the day. Remarkable, and so I thought. Process two (over makeup) had mattifying result longer than process one.  Read this loud- I blotted my face only once, on the sixth hour. Sweet Jesus, now that’s what I’m talking about!

So what is this beauty made of? What could have addressed my shine issues? Aside from being water-based, some ingredients listed in the box include witch hazel (a natural product that reduces skin pores), chinese camphor (refreshing plant that is used to treat acne), citric acid (improves skin’s appearance). 

The long and short of it: 5/5 I love this product and I would definitely buy again. I did have lesser oil and shine issues throughout the day.  On the application side, I prefer to use it over foundation (but before pressed powder or mineral veil) as it gave me longer matte finish. The trick is in the shaking- those floating small particles need to be mixed thoroughly with the liquid so they won’t come out chalky when applied. It dries fast. It is fragrance-free and has a bit of cooling sensation when applied over the face. I just wish the bottle was a little bigger and the nozzle sturdier.

Not to sound like a nagging wife though, but when it comes to skincare, I always say different strokes for different folks. What is good for me may not be for you and vice versa. It’s a never ending search but once you have found The One, stick to it like magnet.


Totally unrelated to this post, but I just want to share with you these recent random photos….

Winkles is a behaved passenger. She likes to travel around
Oahu. We like her to be comfortable so we got her this
couch safely situated in the middle section of our van.
Out and about with this artsy carved wooden wedges.
Check out where I got them, details here

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