How about custom-designing your own shoes and have them made in front of you for less than 15 minutes? I am not talking about sky-high runway stilettos or pricey brand name shoes. If you are a fan of artsy and carved wooden wedges, then you might also fall for my recent love-at-first-sight find.

At $25 a pair, you create your own shoes by choosing your base and strap. I had mine custom-made by the owner herself, Kelly, who recently opened her kiosk at Pearlridge Center (2/F just outside MAC and Sephora) and Ala Moana Center (2nd Level, in front of Nordstrom Coffee Bar). **Oahu, Hawaii**

Kelly said she designs the shoes but the carving is outsourced in Vietnam. These are made from birchwood, they are lightweight to my standard since I am a huge fan of chunky and 4-inch wedges with weight twice as much as these. Okay, I’m petite so I need to catch up with my love’s 6-foot frame, yay!

Once you choose your base and strap, your shoes will
be fitted according to your feet’s level of comfort. And then they

pound the rivets to secure the strap from the base.
I gotta give credit to Kelly or her associates- imagine
touching customer’s feet all day!

Kiosk at Pearlridge Center, Oahu Hawaii

Over 100 combinations. 

This was my original choice. But I had a mental account
of my shoes. Nope, I want something more artsy…

I was looking for a simpler strap to balance the wood design as I am not into all-out screaming Ey, I have arrived! I also suggested to diversify her collection by including some thong wedges.  Finally, I settled and bought this pair for myself…

Haha! It can be a wall decor too!

Fab shoes in the tropics!

Island Girls Meet Island Dog

If the shoe fits…

If you live in Oahu or visiting our island soon, don’t forget to check out this store, Island Girls Shoes Company. Mahalo!

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4 thoughts on “I Heart Shoe Art! Customized Artsy Shoes from Island Girls Shoes Company

  • Hmm I am so outdated whent it comes to shoes. I have to do something about it urgently.

  • @Miss Lego it's the holidays, they make nice gifts for ourselves. xoxo

  • Do you have their contact #? I have a gift certificate from them for a pair of shoes that I got from my girlfriend for my birthday. I really like their shoes, so i'd like to redeem the certificate!

  • Do you or does anyone have their contact info (number or email)? I know they are no longer at Ala Moana and Pearlridge mall, and I got a gift certificate for a pair of shoes from my girlfriend for my birthday. I really like their shoes, so I would like to redeem the voucher!

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