Have you ever been in a situation where you want to say some things to your girl friend/s but can’t because you don’t want to hurt her feelings? Or to an acquaintance but afraid to be branded as snotty? I have witnessed a lot but I can only recall one courageous moment in my life, and that involved a very dear friend who knows that I don’t like stray eyebrow hairs, hahaha!

For the life of me, I want to get this out of my chest. As a woman of substance, never ever be caught with these grooming 101 failures. Remember, this is not about being vain. It is simply a big don’t!

1. Stray eyebrow hairs. Please my friends, I beg thee! I am no expert in eyebrows but one thing that distracts me from your beautiful face are those stray hairs that make you look like Mrs. Hulk. Stray eyebrow hair among teenagers is understandable. But when you reach the age of maturity, there is no excuse not to pluck those! If you are adamant shaping yours for the first time, visit your salon for threading services. Then include a tweezer in your next shopping list. As soon as you see new hair growth, pluck it for maintenance.

2. Hair coming out of nostrils. When was the last time you checked yourself in the mirror? Being busy with household is definitely not an excuse to cut those hairs peeking out. And I really mean it. Borrow your husband’s tiny grooming scissors if you don’t have one. It is never a trend, and it will never be.

3. Stray hairs along bikini line. If you have watched Sex and the City 2, you’d probably recall a scene where Miranda’s bushy-hair-down-there was ridiculed by the ever vain Samantha. I am not saying to be bikini-ready 24/7. But by all means- when you know you are donning a bathing suit anytime soon: shave, wax, laser- whatever manner you choose, just do it. There are things you’d rather keep to yourself, eh?!

4. Unkempt toe nails. I will skip hands because I totally understand how it can be hard for us women to keep our nails in perfect condition. I have days when I can’t simply do my mani! But when was the last time you cut your toe nails? Or try to remove those dirt trapped in between? Dirty toe nails are the real deal that you really don’t care about grooming. 

5. Body odor. This is a rather personal issue, and a lot of times is an indication of underlying sickness such those with halitosis. I am not Cruella Deville so I would rather not touch on this issue with a raised eyebrow. But as a general rule, brush teeth after meals please… or use underarm deodorant pretty please!

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