Meet our Featured Fab Blogger, Vee Gilbert, Owner and Chief Editor of
I have been following Vee’s blog for a while now because of her magical ability to transform thrift finds to something uber fabulous!

Find out more about the lady who juggles a day job, family life, and blogging….

us something about yourself

My name is Vee Gilbert. By day, I’m an Operations
Manager for a small financial institution and by night I am a fashion and
beauty blogger. I have to admit, that I prefer my night job much better!

What do you enjoy most about blogging? What
inspires you to blog?

I enjoy having such an engaging creative outlet.  I get to interact with and inspire women all
over the world and this is what continues to motivate me.

How do you spend your free time?

time?  I think I faintly remember what
that is!  Seriously! I’m a mother of 2
daughters, I work a 40 hr per week job that requires a 3 hour per day commute,  and the rest of the few hours that I have left
are reserved for my blog.  I run a very tight

What are your top 3 fashion must-haves?

A great fitted blazer, a pair of perfectly fitting jeans, and an amazing pair
of heels!

Name one beauty or fashion tip you’d love to
preach but don’t follow sometimes.

tip that I don’t always follow would have to be about color!  I always suggest that other not be afraid of
color and to add more into their wardrobe. I tend to gravitate towards nudes
and basic colors and I have to remind myself to add pops of color to round off
my look and give it an extra little boost.

Do you have a signature fashion style? If yes,
what is it?

one signature style that I have is more of a hair thing. I love big hair!  I wear my hair big and curly or in a mass of
big curly twists!


If we are to visit your state (San Francisco), which fashion
store/s visitors shouldn’t miss?

in the San Francisco,
Bay Area, we have the same major department stores that any other metropolitan
area has. I don’t really shop at department stores at all. I am a hardcore thrifter.
It keeps me creative, unique and financially sane!

I see that you also love makeups. Any makeup
tips or secrets you’d like to share with us?

The one
tip that I think is of the utmost importance is groomed eyebrows.  A poorly groomed eyebrow can ruin your
overall look.  Do your research and find
a shop in your area that receives great reviews and allow a professional to
instruct you on where your arch is, how to define it and how to maintain it.

What would you advise to someone who is
aspiring to be a fashion blogger?

isn’t as easy at it looks.  I suggest
that you scour some of your favorite blogs to get a few ideas of what direction
you want to go with for your own blog. 
Check out different blogging platforms to see what will best suit your
needs.  Most importantly, once you start
blogging, be dedicated to it.  Post
relevant information often and be true to yourself and your audience.

Vee is also a Singer/Songwriter.

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