You won’t miss her endearing smile, creative makeup skills, and down-to-earth personality on Youtube. Meet our Featured Fab Blogger, Tali of

Get to know more Tali, and what she does when not blogging….

Tell us something about yourself
My name is Natalie, but please, call me Tali! I’m a 22-year old law student from Canada. In my spare time, I enjoy teaching my camera (and anybody else who is interested in watching) about the intricacies of makeup application, fashion, and beauty. I have a ton of different hobbies, many of which have been pushed aside since I started law school. It has taken over my life, pretty much.

How did you get into blogging? What inspires you to blog?

I started blogging after seeing that many of my fellow beauty gurus on YouTube also had beauty blogs. Blogging is great because I can blog even if I’m tired, sick, or just don’t feel like recording a video. Honestly, anything cute, pretty, or unique inspires me to blog. Anything that I want to share with my readers!

What is a typical day for you?

Wake up, get ready, study a bit if I woke up early enough, go to school, go to meetings/extracurriculars if I have any that day, come home, check YouTube, reply to comments, start studying, stop after about 10 minutes to go watch Jeopardy (daily ritual, I never miss it), get back to studying, promise myself I’ll study more tomorrow, go to sleep. Heh, some days are dominated by studying, though.

You have such a happy disposition. How do you handle criticisms or negative people?

Well, it’s not something I enjoy doing, but I try not to let it get to me. I always have a smile on my face, but of course, reading some of the more hurtful comments makes it a challenge to keep it there. In the past, I used to message people who would leave mean comments asking them why they did it and whether I had done anything to offend them. Ridiculous, I know! By now, I’ve realized that it’s just the essence of the internet. By typing messages onto a screen, people seem to forget that there are real people reading them. Most of the time, they don’t even want to hurt you, they’re just bored. It’s unpleasant and awful and I really don’t understand why people choose to hate. The best thing to do, though, is just to ignore it and keep smiling.

When did you start with makeup? Who is your beauty inspiration and why?

Hmm.. I think I started wearing a bit of eyeliner to school regularly when I was 13. It slowly escalated from there. However, I did love to do my little cousin’s makeup from a very young age. I also totally looked forward to dance recitals, because that was the time when I could wear a full face of makeup. Bright blue eyeshadow and hot pink lipstick for the win! I don’t really have one single beauty inspiration, it varies so widely from day to day. As I always say, I’m inspired by beautiful things and interesting people.

What beauty products or brands you have repurchased multiple times?

Lioele’s triple the solution BB cream, Lash Stiletto mascara, and Clinique’s loose powder. Other than that, the makeup I use varies so widely, I couldn’t even begin to list it all!

Any beauty or skincare tips you’d like to share with us?

GET ENOUGH SLEEP. That is honestly the best tip I could give to anyone, my skin looks extremely different after three hours of sleep than it does after eight. It’s not always possible to get the ideal amount of sleep, but just try your best. Also, always wash your face before going to bed, and try to change your pillowcases regularly.

What beauty products or store people shouldn’t miss when they visit your country (Canada)?

Hmm… I don’t know if there are any products unique to Canada that I use, to be honest. 

What advise would you say to someone who has plans of being a beauty blogger?

Don’t be discouraged by negativity, don’t compare yourself to other people, and just write about what you love. If you love your blog, other people will sense that and they’ll love it too. Don’t give up!

Tali also enjoys hanging out at the park

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