Meet our Featured Fab Blogger from Finland, Pauliina of 

Pauliina is a 19 year-old cosmetology student who loves everything makeup and beauty-related, most especially nails! She has two Youtube Channels: Samettinen and Kauneusgurusi (the last one is in Finnish). 

Get to know more Pauliina, here is our chit chat

What inspired you to blog? What has been the most difficult part of blogging to you?

I have always loved writing. Writing about
cosmetics is so much fun! Letting people know if products are worth
buying is also very important to me, whether it’s about a dollar
nail polish or hundred dollars skincare item. I personally want to
search the product and be sure whether it’s worth buying or not.  So I
hope that my blog will help some people, even though lately there have
been more nails of the day posts than reviews/product descriptions. The most difficult part of blogging is
definitely fitting it into my time table! Lately I have been super duper
busy with my school, so I kinda have been a bad girl. But now after I
came from my vacation I am full of blogging motivation!

How do you spend your free time?

I don’t have much free time, but when I
have, I watch Youtube videos, read blogs, I do photography, shop,
travel, paint my nails, hang with friends, play with my bunny and
explore the nature.

How did you get into nail art?

Back in 2009,  my sister told me she found a
nail art video from  Youtube. The video was from JulieG, and since the
day I watched that video, my nails have not been unpainted for over 15
hours. I have always been an artistic person, and I
feel like nail art is a perfect way to express myself. Sometimes I
simply draw doodles on my nails (with nail polish) for the fun of it. 

Nail art is a little intimidating. What basic tools or kit a beginner should  buy and know about?

I agree of nail art being intimidating. If
you make a mistake, you propably have to start all over with the nail.
So start with basic things. I actually have a whole video of easy nail
art styles for beginners, if anyone wants help with those.

But if I were to suggest a basic kit for a beginner, this is what it’d be: 

– a glass nail file (lasts forever if taken
care of! May be expensive but in the long run more inexpensive compared
to the cheap papery ones)

–  toothpicks!  They’re perfect for
drawing basically anything: lines, dots, characters, anything! Just
don’t press too hard and dip it often to the nail polish. You don’t need
fancy dotters or brushes if you’re just starting out. Maybe you want
to invest in those later on, if you still are into nail art

– A basecoat and a topcoat – They make the nail look smoother, protect the natural nail and seal in your pretty design

Nails are oftentimes neglected by most women. Any nail care tips you want to share?

Moisturize your hands lovely ladies out
there! Your hands tell much of you. Even if you look perfect, but
your hands are all nasty and dry, nails are chipped, etc, the overall
impression isn’t as magical. Also, file your nails one way with a glass
nail file. Don’t cut your nails, it is damaging for them. And vitamin D
is also good for your nail.

I see that you also like makeups. What are your top 3 beauty must-haves?

Ahh, yes I totally love makeups too! My top 3 beauty must- haves would have to be these three items:

– A concealer. My under eye circles are the
worst in this world. So I cake on Benefit’s Erase Paste, Maybelline’s
Super Stay 24 hour  concealer and Maybelline’s Instant Age  Rewind.
It actually doesn’t look bad, even though this sounds like a good amount
of makeup for under eyes.

– Primer. Priming my eyelid is a must.
Otherwise my  oily eyelids make my pretty eyeshadow  disappear in a 
couple of minutes.  Urban Decay Primer Potion is the best primer for my eyelids. 

– And the third and final must have for me  is mascara! I just LOVE mascara. My three top ones at the moment are:
One By One (Maybelline), Falsies (Maybelline) and False Lash Effect by
MaxFactor! But these change all the time!

If we are to visit your country (Finland), what cosmetic brand or store we shouldn’t miss?

Ooh, lovely question! I totally have to
answer Lumene! Lumene is a Finnish cosmetic brand and the makeup is
pretty amazing, especially their eyeshadow trios. I use them
more than my MAC eyeshadows! Lumene is a drugstore brand, but Finland is
overall a very expensive country so the makeup is more expensive when
compared to USA prices. 

” I love to randomly do crazy makeup for myself. I love to take photos. And the painting behind me is what I painted when I was young. I love art! “

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