If you read the “About me” section of this blog, I mentioned being a Mother Theresa to friends. I don’t know if it’s a good thing that friends seem to remember me most when they are dealing with drama or need favors here and there. Hence, the moniker. 

Griping aside, the most frequent women talk dwells on break-up! What to do to get over it? Like makeups, you need to personally experience it before you can make a judgement or offer an advise (such analogy babe!). Nobody is immune from pain resulting from a break- up. But there is a limit when to stop wailing! I hope these little tips can help you ease the pain and get back to your old fab self, ok?

1. Cry and be mad. Something bad happened so it’s okay to vent your emotions. Reach out to your loved ones and true friends. This is the time you need moral support from genuine people who know you from the very start.

2. Don’t Facebook your break-up! One thing that I am totally against is when you “Facebook” your issues. Remember the saying ” Don’t wash your dirty laundry in public”? If you want to reach out to certain people in your list, send them a direct message- not in your wall. Honestly, what would you say to someone who after all the drama is back to that guy who used, abused, misused (call it whatever) her? True friends will support your decision, but the majority in your Facebook think you are S!

3. You are single, mingle! If you have locked yourself in your room for days and did nothing but sob, that won’t change the situation honey. Face the mirror and tell yourself over and over “I deserve the best so I won’t settle for anything less” Let this be your new chant. Break free from the melodramatic chain and go out! Do things that make you happy, now is the time.

4. Looking good (and fabulous) is the best revenge. Say hi to your newfound-self- The Gorgeous Y-O-U. Hit the gym, change your style from drab to fab, experiment with makeups, read a motivational book, talk to positive-minded people. Engage in activities that make you feel good. A positive emotion emits an unexplainable radiance from the inside out. Like I always tell my friends, when you feel good inside, you look good on the outside. And vice versa. 

Hear me out. ‘Been there, done that.

….Not to derail but I’d like to tell you this “break-up” that I recently found and love…

Hard Candy is a Walmart Exclusive (About $6)

Yes, this beauty is called “Break up” from Hard Candy‘s line of Kal eye-doscope baked eyeshadow. I was unsure if this was a good purchase but went ahead and bought it. The texture is slightly rough so my assumption was it won’t swatch well or the application can be tricky. Lo and behold, it was an instant love affair!

Duo Baked Eyeshadows (060)
Both have metallic-sheen finish
1. Buttery gold
2. Subtle olive green with specks of buttery gold
True-to-the-pan colors.
Packed with product. It has 4.5 g (compared to
most products that have 2.2 g)

No crease! It stayed on for 8 hours (with eye primer)

List of All- Drugstore Products Face of the Day

Face: Revlon beyond Natural Face Primer, Revlon Colorstay Foundation, e.l.f hi-def powder
Eyes: NYX white base primer, Break Up by Hard Candy, NYC green and black eyeliner
Cheeks: Wet n Wild Bronzer and Maybelline Fit Me
Lips: Wet n Wild Lipgloss

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