About two weeks ago, I tweeted that my skin broke out (4 huge pimples in 2 days!) after trying out this wonder product. Geez, this is what I get for being a guinea pig. If you have oily and acne-prone skin, you can understand my predicament for hunting the best brand around to solve this lifelong issue. Not to discredit the culprit, but now I understand that Clarins Beauty in a Flash Balm isn’t ideal for my skin type. It might work best for normal and dry skin; or maybe there is something in the ingredients that just didn’t seem right for me.

So I reached out to my treatment-of-choice-as-of-this-writing, salicylic acid (DDF). Three days of nightly treatment, combined with a toner that also contains salicylic acid, boom! These mammoth bumps were completely dry. 

Next issue to tackle? The aftermath. Dark pigmentation a.k.a pimple marks. Surely, these can be camouflaged by caking on concealer but do you want to know what really helped fade these blemishes?

I have this lifesaver for almost a year now, and I regret not having to review it soon. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Blemish Fade Night Lotion ($18) is a lightweight, oil-free face lotion that you apply ideally at night. Snooze and loose- the blemish that is! After two consecutive nights, I can really tell the difference. My pimples flattened, the flakiness is gone (side effect of salicylic acid), and the marks appear so much lighter.

I like that it has a pump dispenser. Ease of use.

That’s all I needed for 4 nasty pimples! One pump gives you this much.

A little background on tea tree oil: Tea tree oil has long been touted as a natural treatment for acne. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It has a signature “camphor” or medicinal scent. However, this is not for everyone! As with other products, discontinue use if you experience severe itching or rash. People with existing skin condition like eczema should consult their dermatologist first.

Now back to The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil. I have not tried this to treat my pimples as I have been relying on benzoyl peroxide and lately, salicylic acid. It has a tingling sensation during the first few seconds of application. If you are quite sensitive with medicinal scent, this might turn you off. Call it psychological but I find the smell sleep-inducing as well (If you use natural or essential oil like lavender spray on pillows or bed sheets, you get what I mean). It only comes in one size, 30ml- good enough to fade occasional breakouts. 

What’s more to love? The Body Shop is cruelty-free!

Over-all rating: 5/5. It really helped fade pimple marks.
Not being echolalic, but let me repeat my Disclaimer. Different strokes for different folks. Skincare is sadly a big trial and error thing. What might work for me best might not yield the same result on you. Read and use with caution.

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