Not all bloggers have inherent writing ability. Much as I enjoy writing, I don’t claim to be a prolific writer. Many times, my poor eyesight missed a punctuation or two; or my grammar needed to be proofread. After all, to err is human. 

Spill the beans! So what makes me excited to open my inbox and spend a good five minutes (or even more) on a blog?

1. Your blog is a reflection of your personality. I enjoy reading a blog if I can relate to your writing. I have enough newsfeed from CNN, Huffington Post, and The Economist.  That being said, I want you to get out of your stern tone and write like you are talking to your girlfriends. I like it when you make me smile with your antics. Trust me, even if you sound sarcastic at times, I’d roll with laughter. Because that’s who you are!

2. You don’t always give supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (whew, did I get the spelling right?) review on free products! There is nothing wrong with receiving free products. I used to be a Product Manager for different companies before so gratis is a common lingo to us.  Believe me, it is always part of a company’s annual marketing budget. Of course, in return they would like to hear positive feedback. Again, I find no fault in that. But as a blogger, I expect you to help me make informed decision. There is no perfect product yet discovered, not in this lifetime. So I like it when you give your unbiased, honest-to-goodness opinion. I stay away from blogs that have nothing but rave reviews for free stuff.

3. You don’t need to be Miss Thesaurus. But I like you to write new words other than amazing, wonderful, the best, etc. We blog using the internet so it is easy to google synonyms of these most used words. Right now, is telling me I can replace wonderful with admirable or commendable. I like to be challenged sometimes, hahaha!

4. You don’t need to own the most expensive DSLR camera. Sometimes too much of high definition can alter product images or swatches. But at least use a camera decent enough to post clear photos. I enjoy reading your reviews when they are accompanied with pleasant pictures.

5. I don’t like it too text-heavy, and be cohesive. I have short attention span. I like it when you break the monotony with pictures. I am a highly visual reader, yay! Also, don’t beat around the bush. The other day I was reading a review of a blogger who’s all out praising this product like it’s a manna from heaven, only to end that she won’t buy it again. What the??? Get your story straight.

6. Don’t over-photoshoppe! I accept you for who you are. No need to trim your arms or your waist. Who cares if you have cankles. I don’t expect you to be perfect just because you’re a beauty blogger. Your flaws make you very relatable.


P.S .The sticky clock above is set at Hawaii Std Time (GMT – 10:00)

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