My Shu Uemura eyelash curler is the only curler that stood the test of time in the last six years- it witnessed both tears of happiness and drama in my life! Seriously, there was no need to replace it since it’s still keeping up with K!- Kathryne (myself)

I have positive experience with Tarte Cosmetics lately so I thought of trying out its Eyelash Curler called Picture Perfect. Funny how a name can psyche me up- there’s no denying I always like to be picture-perfect!

With free travel-size mascara and refill silicone pad, this beauty retails for $15 at Sephora. So what made me purchase this? I thought that the grip handle is convenient to use. Plus, I was floored when I read that the Lights Camera Lashes Mascara can increase my lash volume by 424%! Holy cow, who wouldn’t what tarantula lashes without wearing falsies?

Excited, I documented the transformation of my eyelashes. Note that the miracle of eyelash length is relative. I would describe mine as average length, neither thin or thick,and  has no natural curled- up look.

My natural eyelashes

I only applied sheer eyeshadow to make my eyes interesting
for this photo shoot. Other than that, this is how it looks sans
curling and mascara

Let the “transformation” begin:

I usually curl my eyelashes for 10 seconds.
Not dramatic, but you can tell my eyelashes are curled up now.
1st coat of mascara: Quite clumpy but it did increase volume

2nd coat: No significant change in volume. I only
applied the mascara on my top lashes


  • The curler is convenient to use with its easy-grip handle
  • The curl effect is really noticeable
  • The mascara didn’t make me teary-eyed.  Thanks to its being natural-based (my eyes are sensitive to mascara, on a side note)


  • The website suggests to replace the curler after six months of use. I have had my Shu Uemura for 6 six years!- cost-wise, now that’s expensive.
  • The mascara is quite an overclaim. I personally think the image used in the packaging was photoshopped! There’s no denying from the photos that my eyelash volume improved but to say that it will quadruple is a hell-lot-of-a-claim to prove.

Over-all rating: 3/5 Try at your own risk. If the shelf-life of this eyelash curler is only good for six months, then your money’s worth is better with something else. For the mascara, I can get the same volumizing result with a drugstore brand….

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