Hautelook had a sale on Pixi Beauty cosmetics a few weeks ago and I was enthralled to see this palette, Lumi Lux Bronze (No. 1 Rosy Sunshine). About $26 at Target or $25 at pixibeauty.com, I got this for less than $10, a steal it was!

It has a ribbon attached to the side to pull out product 

The packaging is mint green with bronze floral imprints

Oh how I love thee! This kit has three ‘lil fairies dancing in the pink forest (there goes my imagination again). The palette is so cute I don’t even want to swatch it!

More than a bronzer! This palette is labeled as a bronzer but it goes beyond that. Each fairy has a unique shimmery hue that you can use as eye shadows (rose-mauve, bronze, champagne); The pink background can be used as stand-alone blush; Or sweep all colors to achieve a healthy bronze glow. 

The colors are subtle when used as eyeshadows but should be applied light-handedly for blush- on or bronzer as they have a tendency to appear dark and muddy (I am fair-medium). 

I used all 3 fairy shades for eye makeup;
I swept all colors for cheeks/ cheekbone


  • Lovely packaging
  • Value for money: 5.68g/ 0.oz and considering I got this on sale at Hautelook, I am dancing like a fairy!
  • Multi-tasking; ideal for travel


  • If you are a sucker for deeply pigmented -matte hues, this shimmer palette may not be for you
  • Tendency to appear muddy for light-fair skinned when used as blush-on or bronzer (go easy and light with application; tap off the excess before sweeping onto your cheeks or cheekbone)

4/5 Must Try!

On a side note, Hautelook is a membership site (it’s free to sign up) where you get exclusive deals on mid to high-end brands on clothes, bags, accessories, makeups, shoes, travel, etc. These deals are not available elsewhere, they come in very limited quantities, and usually run for 3-7 days only. Ergo, if you find something that truly interests you, click and buy because the item stays in your cart for a tad 15 minutes only.

See you at Hautelook.

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