With less than a week from Halloween, have you decided already what character or makeup will you be rocking? With so many looks you can browse over the net for inspirations, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Regardless whether you are hiring a MUA to create your out-of-this-world fantasy look or a creative genius settling for DIY special effects, take note of these safety tips:

1. Never use a product that is not intended for face or body use. I know this is not rocket science but there are people who still do it in the name of creativity. Leave arts and crafts supplies alone (oil paints, markers, glitter, etc.). Make sure that you only use cosmetic-grade ones. Glitters sold at craft stores are made from metal or plastics and colorants that can blur vision or worse, make someone blind. Some say that they have used art paints and nothing fatal happened….yet. But c’mon, there are reasons why they were not approved for face and body. 

2. Non-toxic doesn’t mean it’s safe. People react differently to products. Although latex is a common medium for prosthetics and/or special effects, it can be dangerous to people who are allergic to it. Latex allergy can trigger asthma, rash or in severe cases, anaphylactic shock. If you have allergy from bananas, avocado, kiwi or chestnut, stay away from latex and its derivatives. Read the label, it saves you from the hassle.

3. Always follow the product’s directions for use. Given that it is safe for body or face use, don’t attempt to use it around the eyes or on lips unless it is clearly stated in the label.

4. Research before buying. With so many cheap products sold at E-bay, it is easy to settle for cost than over-all safety. Make sure that the label is marked with “Laboratory tested” or “Meets Federal Standards for Cosmetics”; if it is from the USA, “Made with US Approved Color Additives”.

5. Remove makeup immediately and safely. The party’s over, never hit the sack without removing makeup. You have heard it a million times already so there is no need for further elaboration. Oh, but recently, I have been using almond oil to remove my makeup and it works just the same as your branded makeup remover. But then again, if you are allergic to nut, don’t use it okay….

Happy Halloween!!!!

Need makeup ideas? Here are some looks I have recently created:

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