I was half-awake when I picked up my iPad today to check my inbox. This direct message from my twitter caught my attention,“I read a real bad blog about you”, followed with a link. As a serious blogger concerned with my reputation, I opened the link which led me to my twitter log-in. No, there was no “bad blog”. Unfortunately, I just gave away my password to this monster-of-a-hacker!

My account was compromised today and sent direct messages to my followers saying the same thing- “I read a bad blog about you” with links; this hacker also tweeted some weight loss articles I never wrote nor endorsed.

Appalled, I immediately changed my password, revoked access to third party applications, and tweeted several apologies and warnings to all my friends-slash-followers. I needed to blog about this so I can reach out to more people who might be the next victim of this hacking incident.

Lessons learned: 

  • Never open messages from people you hardly know
  • Don’t be curious if someone wrote a bad blog about you- good or bad, it’s still PR as they say (take this with a grain of salt)
  • If your account was suspiciously hacked, change password right away and revisit your privacy settings

Consider yourself warned.



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