I am not getting enough sleep lately so I thought of sharing with you some quick fixes to fake a good night sleep. So whether you are sleep- deprived due to school assignments, office deadlines, or late night parties, look bright and awake in the morning! Try any of these techniques:

1. Reduce puffy eyes the natural way. Dip tea bags in cold water and place over eyes for five minutes or immerse tablespoon in cold water and press against eye bags for five minutes.

2. Apply eye cream or gel over eye bags at least ten minutes before you put on makeup. Pat and massage gently using ring finger. 

3. Hide dark under eye circles with concealer. Concealer, also called color corrector, comes in different shades. For dark under eye circles, use one that has a yellow tone. To prevent concealers from caking, set it with powder.

4. Skip smoky eye makeup and wear neutral or lilac shades. Lilac in particular, brightens your face and compliments any eye color. In contrast, dark eye shadows exacerbates tired eyes. Use brown eyeliner for top lash line and nude or white eyeliner for waterline to make eyes look wide awake.

5. Choose pink or peach blush-on to bring a healthy glow to your face.

6. Similarly, wear lipstick that has pink undertones to downplay tired eyes. Let your lips be the focus this time.

7. Never underestimate the power of accessories. Earrings add energy and glow to your face. Wear something that inspires or makes you cheerful.

8. Ditch dark colored clothing and wear something bright or pastel. 

Do you have other beauty tips to fake a well-rested night? Share them here….

Watch how I transformed from looking dull to a morning doll, LOL!

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