There is a reason why you see all these stacks of nail polishes and travel size makeups as you check out in Sephora. They are meant to lure you to pick up some more goodies. In marketing, you call it impulse purchase. Case in point- myself. I wasn’t planning on buying this bad boy the other week but seeing how it stands out from the pack, I gave in. Insane.

Sephora in partnership with OPI, came out with its Blasted collection to target the growing crackle nail aficionados. For the love of abstract art, I was curious to try this ever-inviting shade Turquoise.

At $9.50, is it all worth the craze?

In 15ml 

I followed the instructions to a T. That is- start with 2 coats of any nail polish. Let it completely dry. Apply one coast of “Blasted”. Apply top coat for added shine. (I used NYX nail polish Beige on Caffeine as base; LA Girl top coat).

I don’t think I missed something in the instruction. It’s fool-proof.

If there is something to rave about this product, I would say it’s just the color! I was disappointed that it clumps, goopy, and messy. The crackle effect is not as I have expected. The brush is awful.

“Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder”
I am not a pro in nail art and technique. 

It clumps big time

This ain’t crackle finish. And the stains? OMG!

Additional Product Information:

  • Available in 8 shades
  • Sold exclusively in Sephora
  • Tip: use darker “Blast” over lighter colors to maximize the effect.

Kissmark analysis:

I could have gotten the wrong bottle. I’m not impressed.
This is going back to the store.

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5 thoughts on “Product Review: Sephora by OPI Blasted

  • Gwen

    Wow….that's just wow…needs to def go back asap lol

  • Yes, I was really disappointed. Sad

  • Anonymous

    It's this color/ brand. I have blasted black and it works better. China glaze crackle is good as well. but I had the turquoise and ended up returning it.

  • Anonymous

    If you add a couple of drops of polish thinner to it it should go on better. That's what I did with the black and the white blasted colors and now they go on as if I went and got a mani – pedi at a salon.

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