If I were a Greek Goddess, let me be Aphrodite please. Even just for a day. Oh how I love thee Goddess of Love and Beauty! Pffttt. Back to reality, blog!

To all you my lovely Aphrodites, read ye! Here are products that I recently tried in my search for that quintessential makeup brand. KORRES, a Greek company that markets natural and organic-based cosmetics and skincare have come up with this Holiday in Greece Set (Tinted Moisturizer + Monoi Oil Bronzing Powder). First, let me tell you that this collection wasn’t widely advertised that even the Sephora staff (Pearlridge, Oahu, Hawaii) was unsure of the “bundle” promotion. I waited for 20 minutes to have the items scanned and verified- not bad because it gave me more excuse to browse other makeups. Normally sold at $28 each, I paid only $28 for both! A steal it was. 

Holiday in Greece Set:
1. Choose 1 Tinted Moisturizer
2. Pick a complimenting Bronzer

Call it serendipity as I have been wanting to buy a tinted moisturizer that fateful day. And with my recent obsession on anything bronzer, these two were like manna from heaven. 

Available in only three shades (that’s the sad part), I wanted to make sure that I choose a tinted moisturizer which is a close match to my skin tone. Still on my self-tanning regimen, my shade matched the darkest of the three- 03 Dark Tan.

Watermelon Lightweight Tinted Moisturizer Oil-free SPF30

The packaging reminds me of a toothpaste.
In 30ml / 1.01 fl.oz

The shade is quite tricky. It looked darker than my skin tone

The lighter shade before 03 (obviously it’s 02) is pinkish and
didn’t blend quite well on me. 

I have a love-hate feeling for this product. I hate that it is only sold in three shades! It’s like the gods and goddesses connived and said “there are only 3 skin tones in the world”. I am naturally fair (okay, I self-tanned) but my category fell on the darkest already. I hate that I cannot share what I love about this product to most women because of this limitation. On the constructive side, I loved that it covers like a foundation but doesn’t feel like one. It surely isn’t heavy, and even if it is labeled tinted moisturizer, it can cover minor blemishes- to my amazement! It also shortcuts my makeup routine because it also doubles as a sunscreen. It is oil-free and the watermelon extracts prevent photo-aging a.k.a wrinkles.

Choosing the bronzer was the easiest part- because there were only two shades available. It’s like “are you gonna pick me up or not? to the left or to the right?” I settled for the darkest of the two, 02 nonetheless.

Velvety finish.

Made with Monoi oil (a non-comedogenic natural Tahitian oil), it gives a subtle sun-kissed glow. Call it barely-there -but -it- really- is- there for lack of a better word to describe it.

Pigment is true to the pan.
Dermatologist-tested. Mineral oil-free. Silicone-free.
In 11g / 0.39 oz.

I used both products in this picture, be the judge….

L-R: Me, my dog.
Judge the makeup rendition on the left, lol!

Kissmark Analysis

Since there are only 3 shades available, don’t buy the tinted moisturizer online.

Try it inside the store and choose the one that closely matches you. If your skin tone is between light-fair, this could be a good makeup for the summer since it is lightweight. I would say the same thing for the bronzer. Overall, I was happy with my purchases and I have been using these two lately.

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