Still head- over -heels with self-tanners, I was taken aback when I found out that I have no more body scrub! (scrubbing is an essential procedure prior to application of self-tanners). Sweet Jesus, how can I forget that in my shopping list? Frugal mind to the rescue!

Rummaging through the pantry, even my next solution is gone- olive oil. Not giving up, I turned to my last hope- brown sugar mixed with my body wash. Why not?

Vanilla scent and brown sugar- do I smell dessert?

In my previous blog (DIY: Sugar Body Scrub), I wrote that sugar is a good exfoliant as it gently sloughs off dead skin cells. Other alternatives would be ground coffee or salt. For this quickie DIY, I opted to use brown sugar.

Recipe: Mix 10 Tbsp Body Wash of your choice + 8-10 tbsp sugar.
Adjust accordingly. The key is you should feel the granules when you
scrub against your skin, but not to the point of scratching you badly.

Mission accomplished! Happy skin, parading in tan once more.

Want to know the detailed self-tanning procedure? Click here.

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2 thoughts on “DIY: Fab and Fast Body Scrub

  • Awesome scrub! Thanks for the tip on how to make it yourself! AWESOME!

  • @Katrina i apologize for this late reply, I usually respond to all comments in my blog and I honestly didn't see this 'til now. Thanks for reading! I followed your blog. Keep in touch. – Kathryne

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