Designer perfumes don’t come cheap. If you are a serious collector, all the more you pay meticulous care to them. High-end or not, here are some tips to make the most of your perfume assortment.

1. Don’t display or store them where there are extreme temperature changes. While perfume bottles, what with their cutesy designs, can be great accent to your window sill or bathroom sink, extreme temperature (i.e. humidity after a warm shower or direct sunlight) can alter the fragrance molecules. Contrary to popular practice, storing them in a fridge is also not beneficial. Solution: Keep it simple. Store them in your dresser or closet- as long as it’s room temperature.

2. Keep perfumes tightly closed to keep them from evaporating fast, especially alcohol-based ones.

3. Consider the packaging, opaque bottles last longer than clear ones. 

4. Take note of shelf-life. Perfumes usually expire after three years from the time they were made, not when you opened and wore them. 

5. Toss when you observed noticeable change in the scent and color. 

Ready to buy a new perfume? Don’t overwhelm your olfactory nerves. Try out one a time (the most is three); walk around the store to let the real scent come out; smell coffee beans in between; Or ask samples from the store. 

SCENTsational. What’s a fab woman sans a fab scent? Indulge.

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