How to Make Earrings from A Belt & Broken Jewelries: Tutorial

Hi fab friends! It’s time for another DIY project. You”ll be surprised that you can turn that old belt into a stunning piece of jewelry! For this project, I used an old safari belt, some loose beads and broken chains to make a new pair of earrings. Watch the video to see the process.


Old belt, broken jewelries/ chain/ loose beads

Round tip pliers/ Regular pliers

Jump rings and earwires: sold at craft stores

1. Decide how much length from the belt you will need for your earrings. 

2. Cut the belt and seal the ends with tacky glue just to make your piece more carefully made.

3. With a single hole puncher (or any kind of puncher you have at home), punch a hole in that piece of belt.

4. Poke and insert the jump ring into the hole.

5. Connect some old chain or loose beads into that ring. You can add as many chains or beads you like- think outside the box and march to your own drum beat.

6. Attach the earwire and close the ring.

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