2 weeks after this post, flowers bloomed. Yay! for green thumb

I don’t know about you but there’s something about pulling out weeds that makes me high- and I am referring to those useless plants that compete with grass or plant’s nourishment. Especially that crab grass, a.k.a lawn weed, that seems to emerge between spring and summer. Last week, I had pulled out two bag-full of weeds from our side yard. Unbelievable! Each weed that I mightily uprooted metaphorically represents victory over life’s unnecessary worries, and so I thought! But before I derail you with my plant-life analogy, let me get to the topic straight: gardening the fab way!

1. Wear sunscreen before going out. Needless to say, you need to protect yourself from sun’s harmful rays. The American Cancer Society recommends at least SPF 15 (sun protection factor). Make sure that your sunscreen has UVA and UVB. UVA is the culprit behind wrinkles and it penetrates the skin deeper than UVB; UVB is more potent than UVA in causing sunburn and is responsible for skin cancer.

 2. Wear more protective accessories such as wide brimmed hat to guard your face and skin against sun’s harmful rays; gloves to protect your hands and nail polish from scratches; comfortable clothing to make gardening easy. 

3. Apply insect repellant if you must to prevent bug/mosquito bites. There are reported cases of dengue in the tropics. Prevention is always better than cure.

4. Hydrate and re-hydrate. Bring a bottle of water with you, sip every now and then to combat heat exhaustion.

5.  Make gardening a fab way to bond with family. With our busy schedules, it is always a challenge to be able to spend quality time with our loved ones. Hang out in the yard, have snacks in between, laugh! Life’s simple joys are priceless.

Yes, we actually did a little bit of yard work today. Here are some photos:

Some vinca flower plants waiting to be de-potted
Found a baby bird holding on to dear life. It fell from one of our cypress trees. Birdie went to bird-heaven a few minutes after. Sad.

Cypress trees provide respite for our frequent visitors: birds

Winkie enjoying her new spot

A solar-powered path light adds a cozy touch to this nook

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