A woman’s perennial problem: Not having enough space for our clothes, makeups, accessories, and other knickknacks. While my dream vanity/ walk-in closet is still in oblivion, I constantly rearrange and purge items as often as I could. Anything that is not worn or rarely used in a year is mostly sold at swap meets while the rest are donated. Blame it to impulse-buying. 

Creative mind to the rescue. In my previous blog, I wrote about reusing household items/decors to store or display your jewelries and makeup (like an old CD holder for earrings and napkin rack holder for makeup palettes). I don’t buy storage bins, I recycle. Here are some more ideas if you are dealing with a small space like me:

This is an old makeup brush case. It now holds all my eye and lip liners. Open and close, such a neat space saver!
A Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Gift Box now holds my stash of lip products.

An old desk organizer to store blush/bronzers.
A peg board (used to hang tools in the garage) hold my jewelries. As most of you know, I also make and sell jewelries and accessories! www.kakalinasaccesories.artfire.com

This is my tiny vanity/ closet space in the bathroom. 

I used an old book shelf to store my makeups, skincare and body products. The peg board was attached to the door to maximize space. Notice how I used the towel rack to hold my sunglasses/ eyeglasses.

 Share your storage solutions!

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