I was completely floored by a recent email from an old friend whom I have not seen in ages. Thanks to occasional postings at Facebook (what else), we both know we are still alive and kicking. But what made me pondered for a moment was when she wrote about her “being happy seeing me reinventing myself”. Reinvention- such a fab word, and so I thought. I never really thought about that idea the whole time I was doing things that truly make me happy. At least in the last six years I decided to love myself again.

Life is about making choices. Decision is not yet an action until we make the first move towards change. To change is never easy, let alone traverse the road less traveled. But certain life situations drive people to change. We need to. We have to. Or be trapped in a befuddled world we wished never existed.

Reinvention is not about changing yourself to something that is completely the opposite of your old self. Reinvention is about rediscovering yourself- what you can do, and want to do. It is about finding wisdom amidst failure, winning by losing, becoming whole after being broken.

Judging from the outside, my friend was indeed right. Yes, I “reinvented” myself . I lost weight significantly- but not for vanity reasons (read my previous blog on why and how I lost weight). My hair is past my waistline now as opposed to my trademark pixie cut eons ago. I stopped dyeing my hair blonde and opted for a more natural- brunette color. I shun eating pork and its related by-products. I regained my fondness for makeup and anything related to beauty. I started to incorporate all-natural/ organic products in my routine. I embraced my passion for jewelries by creating my own handmade accessories. I gave in to my inherent desire to write and start my own blog regardless whether I make sense or not. And the most critical part, I pruned my network- disconnecting myself from a bunch of “user-friendly friends”. Welcome to Newfound Me.

It is never too late to reinvent oneself. If you find yourself constantly complaining about unhappiness and boredom- with lingering thoughts of ” life is not fair; when can I ever find peace and happiness?”. Maybe it’s about time to reinvent. Life is short. Carpe diem.

Warning: Road bump ahead! 
Hold on to dear life.


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