New to the work force? Going to a job interview soon? Create a positive impression and ace that interview. “First impression lasts”, as the saying goes.

Finding a job is a job in itself so it is important to stand out from the pack. Hopefully the following tips can help you land that dream job:

1. Dress appropriately. Look professional. Do a research of the company’s dress code. You don’t want to come in over or under- dressed.  A nice pair of slacks, crisp buttoned shirt (with or without blazer), and closed toe shoes will be your best bet. Don’t under estimate the power of makeup. Camouflage tired and dark under eye circles with a concealer; project a healthy glow with a barely-there blush on; and smile confidently with a neutral shade lip stick. 

2. Research the company’s products/services, philosophy and values. You don’t need to memorize the latest financial performance or all of the company’s product lines. But it will help make an impact if you can talk a little about the company’s social responsibility or how its philosophy is aligned to your own work ethics.

3. Come on time. Needless to say, coming late, regardless of the reason, is a negative impression. Arrive at least 15 minutes before the interview so you can situate yourself, use the rest room, or fill out some forms.

4. Be confident but don’t over brag. Sell yourself- cite your strengths and achievements (school if new grad/ previous job). However, don’t over brag by citing things that are not even relevant to the job you are applying for.

5. Pay attention to minor details. Interviewers are checking out if you are what you put in your resume. If you said that you are detail- oriented and organized, make sure to bring your own pen, pad or paper; bring business cards if you have; and turn off your mobile phone.

6. Smile, relax, it’s not the end of the world. Have fun. Yes, it’s frustrating not to be able to get that job, let alone being the bread winner of your family. But keep your hopes high. End the interview with a firm hand shake and send a thank you note if you must. Consider each interview a learning avenue to polish your flaws.

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