There is a reason why even a mobile phone has to have a built-in camera: we all love taking pictures. And with modern- day technology, we can edit and delete those we despise. Add photoshop and you just created an ethereal masterpiece.

Unless you are vying for the next magazine cover, ditch computer touch-ups. Try this photo-ready tricks and bring out the true belle in you.

1. Find your best face angle by practising in front of the mirror. Do you look good in your left or right side? chin up? head slightly tilted? side gazed? Take a few shots with your digicam and study your best angle. Practice makes perfect.

Let the truth be told: My right side is my best face angle.

2. Hands on waist, body slightly turned to an angle. Celebrities like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez always rock the red carpet with this iconic pose. Reason being, it slims your arm and defines your waist.

3. Posture matters. Stand or sit up straight but do it in a relaxed mode. Execute the “stomach in, chest out” comfortably to avoid looking so “scripted” in photos.

4. Take pictures in eye level or a tad higher but never below. The latter is the culprit to unsightly double chin.

5. Make your eyes smile, yes! This is the new “cheese”. Avoid direct sunlight so you don’t squint. Close then open your eyes just before the camera clicks to get that fresh and bright-eyed look.

6. Makeup matters. Don’t wear sunscreen or anything that has SPF (sun protection factor) when taking pictures. This cosmetic ingredient reflects light and is the reason for looking ghostly, chalky and pasty white in pictures. Make sure your foundation matches your skin color, extend the application to your neck and/or decolletage when wearing low neckline garb. Wear mascara, eyeliner and blush-on as the camera tends to wash out your face.

7. Enjoy and seize the moment. The best photos are usually those that are candid and free-spirited. For a moment, forget work deadlines, lover’s quarrel and the like. Don’t be the next photo pooper!

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